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Part of ethical practice for Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A. is providing each Los Lunas client with personal attention. For each complicated divorce case we handle, we take time to get to know your personality and goals for our complicated divorce representation.

At Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., we work hard to break false images of the profession and lance  to parade an atmosphere of integrity and respect for our clients. We have built a strong record over our many years history practicing complicated divorce law. Each mediation situation is unique and the number and length of  mediation sessions vary from case to case. At Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., we have a strong reputation within the Los Lunas legal community.

You will enjoy working with Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A. in Los Lunas as your complicated divorce case moves through the process. Over the many years we& have been around, we have seen both sides of the coin regarding a complicated divorce case. In any complicated divorce case, it is important to protect your rights as early as possible.

When you first choose Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A. in Los Lunas as your legal counsel we take the time to get to know you as a person. After many years of experience handling complicated divorce cases, we know that an integral part in the process is knowing what the client wants. Our complicated divorce attorneys know how to handle the special issues with family law matters. Give us a call at (505) 796-6238 today.

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